Oops – Amazon Leaks Tungsten T5 Picture

Amazon Accidentally Leaks Tungsten T5 Picture

Though we’ve had several hoax photoshops of the upcoming PalmOne Tungsten T5, this one feels like the real deal:

Amazon briefly posted a listing for a hard case for the T5 that conveniently has the T5 nestled inside. Specs for the upcoming unit don’t seem to include WiFi (though you can probably buy palmOne’s overpriced SDIO WiFi card that’s only compatible with a couple of devices), but do include an impressive 256 MB RAM, and a USB port so PCs can mount the T5 as a removeable drive.

No slider design for the T5, either, a la the Tungsten T3. In fact, the overall impression I get from the T5 is that it’s pretty boring, though the screen is pretty impressive.

PalmOne has a history of announcing new products around the first of October, so I’m sure that official word on this new device is just around the corner.