Sierra Wireless Voq Smartphone Now Available

Brighthand – Voq Smartphone Now Available through AT&T Wireless

This one has been in the works for a while, but it looks like the Sierra Wireless Voq (no idea how to pronounce that – probably sounds like “Spock”), running Windows Mobile for Smartphones, and sporting a funky flip out off center QWERTY keyboard is now available on AT&T Wireless:

It looks like you have to buy it from a reseller like Mobile Planet, rather than directly from AT&T, but the tri-band 850/1800/1900 phone will work on AT&T’s network (I’m assuming it’s locked to that network). Cost is $500.

I love the idea of a Smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard, but I’m not sure how well I like the way the Voq implements it. It makes the phone rather long, and I wonder how easy or comfortable it is to type on the off-center keyboard. I would also be worried about the hinged keypad’s durability. Not to mention that it’s rather homely looking.

But, hey! A new Smartphone is always good news!