Solar Powered Scott eVest

Solar Powered Jacket available for pre-order – Engadget –

Scott eVest is known for their “Technology Enabled Clothing” – vests, jackets, hats, and even ties with tons of pockets, and conduits for running headphone and power cables between devices while they’re still in your pocket. I’ve got an eVest, and I love it (when it’s not too hot to wear it). I can comfortably and stealhily carry a very large number of gadgets with me. Geek heaven.

Now, they’ve taken the next step: a Solar Powered version of a TEC jacket:

It can charge your devices (PDA, iPod, phone, whatever) with 2-3 hours of sunlight (doesn’t have to be direct), with the panels on or off of the jacket.

Pre-order yours now for the low low price of $534.98! (list price will be $625)