Sony PEG-VZ90 Multimedia (and Expensive!) Clie


Sony always makes beautiful hardware, but sometimes it seems that it was developed in a slightly different universe than the one we live in. Consider the new Clie PEG VZ90:

It plays back all different kinds of video formats, and even has a Compact Flash slot instead of Memory Stick (what?!). The slideout keyboard has playback controls, instead of the expected QWERTY setup. The cost? An astronomical $870. Of course, the real price is in Yen, because it’s only going to be available in Japan (since Sony exited the PDA market in the U.S.). The main attraction is its gorgeous Organic LED screen. Black pixels shut off, so it’s easier on the power.

So, Sony releases a nine hundred dollar PDA that plays videos on a beautiful screen. But it doesn’t have a hard drive, so you only get as much video as you can fit on a CF card, which even with a honkin’ big 2 or 4 GB card isn’t going to be all that much. So maybe you can use it more for its PDA functions. It does have integrated WiFi, and it’s got a slideout keyboard, but only for video playback. So no heavy duty email or IM for you.

Is it just me, or does this thing seem like it was designed in Bizarro World?

Here’s a review, if you read Japanese, but there are lots of pretty pictures for us gaijin. That screen sure is pretty.