Sprint PCS Now Carries the Samsung SP-i600 Smartphone


Verizon has had this Windows Mobile Smartphone for over a year now, but it’s finally available on Sprint PCS:

While not nearly as popular as the Motorola MPX200, the i600 provides a very simlary feature set – clamshell design, Windows Mobile for Smartphones 2003, etc. No camera or Bluetooth, but you do get an SDIO-capable SD slot. It’s listed as being compatible with Sprint’s relatively speedy Vision wireless data service (messaging, web, and “Sprint PCS Business Connection”, whatever that is), so at least you can surf, email, and IM on it.

The Sprint web site (above) lists the price as a staggering $649 (though you can knock $180 off of that with web deals and rebates listed on the order page). Considering that the MPX200 can be had for free after rebates on Amazon, and only lists for $375 without a contract or activation, I’m certainly surprised that Sprint feels they can charge such an exorbitant price. But hey, I guess if you’re on Sprint, and you’ve got to have a Windows Mobile Smartphone, you might be willing to bend over and pay the price.