T-Mobile SDA Smartphone Appears to be USA Bound

T-Mobile begins offering Microsoft Smartphone

UK site PCAdvisor has word that the T-Mobile SDA Smartphone is destined for more countries than just Germany:

Dubbed a Smart Digital Assistant (SDA), the tri-band phone starts selling in Germany in early October, with plans to roll it out in other European countries where T-Mobile operates such as the UK, the Netherlands, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Austria.

The phone will probably be launched in the USA as well, although that decision has not yet been finalised, Azrak said.

Not official confirmation, but a good indication that T-Mobile might finally be offering an MS Smartphone in the U.S.

I still can’t get over the price of this little guy. €99 with a contract/activation. You can bet that it’s going to be very popular at that price point, considering all of the features it offers (Outlook integration, web and email, camera, Bluetooth, etc.).