What is a “Smart Phone”, Really?

Russell Beattie Notebook – Smart Phones Are One Handed Devices

Russell Beattie seems a little ticked by the media refering to any PDA-like device as a “smart phone”

Let’s go over this again: If it doesn’t have a keypad? It’s not a smart phone. If you have to use a pen? It’s not a smart phone. If the main function of the device is not making calls? It’s not a smart phone. If it has a little keyboard? It’s not a smart phone. If it comes with a belt clip? It’s not a smart phone. If it doesn’t have left and right soft buttons? It’s not a smart phone. If the screen size isn’t 176×208/220 or QVGA? It’s not a smart phone.

I agree with some of his points – there is a difference between a PDA phone and a smartphone. However, I mostly draw the distinction at whether or not there is a touch screen (and consequently, how many hands are required to operate it). I think some of the nits that Russell picks (soft buttons, screen size, belt clip, etc.) are far less important. It almost sounds like he has his one “smart phone” that he’s passionate about, and is getting snippy that anyone else dare call their device by the same moniker.

Of course, don’t get me started on the difference between a “smartphone” (lowercase s) and a “Smartphone” (with a capital “S”). Hint – if it runs Windows Mobile for Smartphones, it’s a Smartphone.


2 thoughts on “What is a “Smart Phone”, Really?

  1. I didn’t mean to sound snippy. It was a rant. I was looking for more examples… the “belt-clip” one was really stretching it, I know.



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