Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Upgrade for XDA II?

Is an Xda II/i-Mate upgrade for Windows Mobile SE loooming? @ MTekk

Dave over at MTekk has posited some speculation about a Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edtion upgrade for the XDA II, based on a chat with a customer service rep from I-Mate (who make the XDA II available worldwide).

Meh. At one point I was very excited for the XDA II (check out the very first posts on this site in the archives), and was convinced that it would be my next phone. But then it was never released by a carrier in the U.S., and I was not able to overcome the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) to secure funds to import one. Most importantly, I got acquainted with a little device known as the Motorola MPX200, and a little platform called Windows Mobile for Smartphones.

But OS updates are always a good thing, so I hope that the WM2003 SE rumors are true, for the sake of all the XDA II owners.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Gerr cant find an upgrade to SE anywere 4 my xda.. a mate had his done by a software enginner .. but i think he flashed it then put the software from the XDAi on it.. i want that OS version install!!

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