ZDNet UK Reviews the Motorola MPx

Motorola MPx Overview at ZDNet UK Reviews

ZDNet UK appears to have updated their preview of the Motorola MPx Pocket PC Phone Edition into a full blown review.

This paragraph in their summary caught my attention:

There’s no doubt that Motorola’s MPx is an innovative integrated device, but there are question marks against its ability to handle both telephony and handheld computing needs satisfactorily. When used in portrait mode as a mobile phone, the MPx feels bulky, while the keyboard is not up to much more than tapping the odd email or text message. The screen offers 320 by 240 pixels, but feels a little cramped at just 2.8 in. across the diagonal — viewing complex information in landscape format was sometimes a little difficult. And as far as RAM is concerned, Motorola would be advised to provide more than the 32MB (12MB user-accessible) on our review sample.

(Emphasis mine)

These are the main worries I have with the MPx. Pocket PC Phone Edition devices are great for their wireless data functionality, but they’re clunky to use as a phone. The screen on the MPx is quite small – about the size of a business card. And the biggie is the miniscule amount of RAM – 32 MB, with only 12 MB user accessible! Whose brilliant idea was that? That’s barely enough operating RAM for IE and MSN Messenger to run in, let alone install any applications. A possibly fatal flaw in an otherwise awesome device.