Best Buy Has the Cingular MPX220 In Stock?

Smartphone Thoughts – MPx220 Available Soon From Cingular

At least, according to SmartphoneThoughts they do. Employees are being trained on the phones now, and they should be available in about a week to the public.

Price is listed as $349 with a two year contract, which seems a little steep (the MPX200 was only $375 with no contract), but who knows how the pricing will actually work out.

If you live in an area where Cingular is available, go hassle your local Best Buy to see if they will sell you phone early (or at least report your finding on price, etc.). If, like me, you live in a state where Cingular has no presence, then just wait a few weeks for the AT&T Wireless version, which is also rumored to be imminent.