Cingular Stopping Sales of the MPX220 to Address Volume Issue

HowardForums: Cingular aware of MPX 220 problem!

There have been many user complaints about the call volume being too low on the new Motorola MPX220 Smartphone. User Timback over at HowardForums posted the following tidbit after a discussion with a Cingular store manager:

“Went to a cingular corporate store today, talked with the manager for about 15 min. I asked him about the MPX 220 and he told me they have about 20 in the back. He recieved an internal memo from corporate NOT to sell any of these phones and to return all inventory. He said they know about the low volume , which is one of the phones problems, there are a few more, I asked what, he wouldnt tell me. He said, they were not going to sell the phone anyway before Nov. 10, but now, they might not until its 100%, and they fix all problems. He said they do not want another V 600 fiasco.”

Very interesting. Has anyone else heard of Cingular stopping sales of the MPX220? It’s encouraging if it’s true, and hopefully they’ll address the issue, and make the fix available to existing MPX220 owners, either via ROM update or exchange.

(Via MobileGadgetNews and Slashphone)