Deals on the Dell Inspiron 700m

Lots of you have emailed me about the best deal available on the Dell Inspiron 700m, as mentioned in my review.

Basically, Dell offers up “Outrageous Deals” on their systems every few weeks. I’ve seen the 700m pop up in weeks past for $800-$1000 (and even as low as $750 during last weeks crazy $750 off $1500 coupon deal). I’ll post here the next time I see a good deal on the 700m.

Be aware that the 700m was one of the most popular models during their big coupon deal last week, and apparently, inventory levels got pretty depleted. It may be a while before it shows up again, but just keep an eye on this site (or subscribe to the feed) to know when the next good deal comes around.

Update: Apparently, a lot of the cheap 700m’s that were sold are ending up on eBay. You might get lucky if you try to find one for a good price there.