Dell X50 and X50v Pocket PCs Launched

Dell Axim X50 and X50v Pocket PC reviews roundup – Engadget –

Dell went and made the X50/X50v legitimate today, and you can order one now on their site:

The basic specs are what we expected – a top end X50v model with a VGA screen, 624MHz CPU, 128MB ROM, etc. The mid and lower range X50 models have a QVGA screen, slower processors, and are available with or without WiFi (kind of a mix and match like we saw with previous models like the X30 and X3). All models have a CF and SDIO slot, and run Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.

Prices start at $299 for the 64MB ROM 416MHz model, go to $399 for 128MB ROM, 520MHz, and WiFi, and the top of the line VGA X50v is $499. That’s the best deal on the planet right now for a dual slot VGA Pocket PC.

You can order as of today from Dell, but they claim ship dates won’t be sometime until mid-November.

Check out the Engadget story linked above for a review roundup – as usual, when the NDA lifts, reviews come crawling out of the woodwork.