Got to Play With a Blackberry 7100t

I got to play with a Blackberry 7100t for a brief time today, and it was nice:

I spied it on the belt of a vendor we have onsite today, and immediately asked “Is that the new Blackberry?” He was kind enough to let me hold it and play with it for a bit. The most impressive thing about it was its size and the screen. The unit is smaller than any other Blackberry I’ve seen, particularly the width. The screen was also very impressive – quite large, and very crisp, bright, and colorful.

I didn’t get a chance to try out the web browser, or the SureType QWERTY keypad, but I asked the owner how he liked them, and he said they both worked well. He was pleased with how well SureType learns and adapts to your personal vocabulary.

This is a another great smartphone-type device that’s available now – you can get one from T-Mobile for $199 (with a new activation). Nobody does email better than RIM/Blackberry, so if you’re looking for a mobile device, and email is your first priority, give the 7100t a serious look.