Incredible Dell Laptop Coupon – $750 off $1500, and More

Up to 15% off Select Desktops! Up to 20% off Select Notebooks! Up to 20% off Select Servers!

As a nice compliment to the Inspiron 700m review, Dell is offering an unprecedented coupon worth $750 off $1500 on laptops. This expires tomorrow 10/20, so move fast if you’re interested.

Click on the link above, then choose Shop Notebooks to get started. Pick the notebook system you want, make sure it’s configured to be at least $1500, and then apply coupon code ZD5$P0NS954P16 at checkout.

I won’t normally post coupons and deals here, but this one is too enticing to pass up. I’ve never seen a better coupon deal from Dell, so if you want a great deal on a laptop (around $750, depending on how you configure it), jump on this now.