It’s Official: Motorola MPX220 Now Available Nationally

Motorola MPx220 Now Widely Available

Just as promised, the MPX220 has made its nationwide debut. It’s currently only available at Best Buy stores as a Cingular phone, but it’s not SIM locked, so if you get one, you can use it on any GSM carrier (T-Mobile, AT&T Wireless, etc.). List price is a steep $500, but activating a 1 year Cingular service contract drops that to $350. Sign a 2 year contract, and you get an additional $100 rebate. The phone should show up in Cingular retail locations soon.

Cingular has a 1 month exclusivity agreement on this phone, but it’s expected to show up on AT&T Wireless as soon as the exclusivity period is over.

My excitement for this phone, which has been building for almost a year now, has been dwindling as of late. Reports of the absolutely dismal camera, plus the advent of smaller, slimmer phones with almost the same featureset (Audiovox SMT5600) have made me question my desire to get one of these. I’d still like to get my hands on one, and try it out. On paper, at least, it seems like a worthy successor to my trusty MPX200.

Decisions, decisions…