Microsoft Research: Squeeze the Screen

Squeeze the Screen

Always cool stuff from Microsoft Research. This article talks about two new projects they’re working on, Fishnet (fisheye lens method) and Collapse-to-Zoom (draw a stroke to hide/shrink unwanted columns), that address the formatting of web pages when browsing on a mobile device with a small screen and/or slow wireless connection.

A subject near and dear to my heart. Go have a read.


One thought on “Microsoft Research: Squeeze the Screen

  1. MomzBizee says:

    Do you know of a way to squeeze the screen or display output from a laptop to a projector? I work for a school that has projectors mounted on the ceiling in some rooms. I want to use them with a Smartboard but the screen size is too large to fit the Smartboard – even when I have reduced it to the lowest size. Is there a utility or anything that can make the output display from the laptop smaller? We have 20 of these ceiling mounted projectors…

    Thanks in advance.

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