Mobile Gadget News ( Launches First Podcast

Mobile Gadget News Podcast #1

Sean over at Mobile Gadget News (formerly known as has just posted his first podcast:

“I have just finished out first podcast and it is ready to download. We cover a bunch of topics and talk about some new gear, software, and current events. Give this thing a shot and see what it is all about: This is my first crack at this so try not to laugh too hard.”

Don’t know what a podcast is? Think RSS feed with enclosed MP3 files that get automatically delivered to your computer (and MP3 player). The phenomenon has been exploding in popularity in the past few weeks. Go check out to get a “podcatcher” (client software to fetch subscribed podcasts), and then head over to and for lists of available podcasts to subscribe to.

Will there ever be a TinyScreenfuls podcast? Read on to find out…

I’ve considered creating a podcast of my own for TinyScreenfuls – to talk about gadgets, phones, technology, and other geeky stuff. I’m currently trying to work out the kinks, and get past some obstacles (bandwidth, etc.). But I’ve got lots of ideas for topics and guests, and I hope to start podcasting in the near future. Let me know what you think, and if there are any topics or interviews you’d like to hear.