MXP220 Now Available From Cingular and Best Buy

Smartphone Thoughts – MPx220 Now Available From Best Buy & Cingular

SmartphoneThoughts is reporting that the Cingular version of the Motorola MPX220 is now available at some Best Buy stores – 10 days ahead of the widely rumored Oct. 18 release date. Best Buy, Cingular, and Motorola inked some kind of exclusivity deal where Best Buy will be the only place you can get the MPX220 for the first month of it’s life (Cingular only). After that, it should start showing up on other carriers, like AT&T Wireless.

Price is reported to be $349 with a new activation/contract, or $499 without. Also, it seems that these phones are unlocked, meaning there’s nothing stopping you from popping in a SIM card from another carrier. Say, one that offers cheap $5 unlimited GRPS… (*cough* T-Mobile *cough*)

I’ll have to see if I can get to Best Buy this weekend, and check one out in person (if they’re available). They’re not on the Best Buy site yet, and according to reports, they’re not at all stores yet, either.

More info and first hand reports in the HowardForums thread here.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, stopped by the Best Buy in El Cajon, California and the mpx-220 was in stock and $249 with activation….10/17/04

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