New MSN Direct Smart Watches From Abacus, Fossil

Fossil’s New Watches Revealed (pictures)

Hot on the heels of the new Swatch Paparazzi that was revealed this week, Abacus and Fossil have unveiled their second generation SPOT (Smart Personal Object Technology) Smart Watches for MSN Direct. Here’s one of the new ones from Abacus:

Very nice. The new watches come with pre-loaded content, plus all the regular stuff you can get over the air from MSN Direct (traffic updates, weather, sports scores, news headlines, instant messages, etc.). The Abacus watches will go for $129, and the Fossil watch will be $199 (and $49/year to subscribe to MSN Direct). Head over to SpotStop for more photos and details.

I’m really digging the new Abacus models. Much nicer looking than their original efforts, and a little more subdued than the Swatch Paparazzi. I think one of these just earned a “spot” (ha!) on my Christmas list.


One thought on “New MSN Direct Smart Watches From Abacus, Fossil

  1. Syed says:

    i bouth this watch a year and half ago and i love it. for some reason it stoped displaying anything at all..
    i am guessing it is out of charge but it won’t get charged any more. Can any one please tell me where i can take this watch to fix it?
    i would really appreciate it..


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