Opera for Windows Mobile Smartphones: Technical Preview

Download Opera Web Browser

Following the announcement about a month and a half ago that they were going to release a version of their popular web browser for Windows Mobile devices, Opera has now made a Technical Preview of their browser for the Windows Mobile Smartphone available for download.

I’m installing it now, and I’ll post my impressions. I’ve been pretty happy with Internet Explorer (WM2003 version) on my MPX200, but I’m very interested in what added value and functionality Opera can bring to the table.

Go check it out if you’ve got a Smartphone. Now, how about a version for Pocket PCs? They run Windows Mobile, too!

Update: Well, I can’t get it to install on my MPX200, because it wants a whopping 4.7MB of memory, and my MPX200 is only reporting 3.5MB available in “Phone” memory (even though I show 9+ MB free “storage” memory). I literally only have two apps installed – ConnectedBits Weather and PHM Registry Editor – so I don’t know where Opera expects to find all this memory available. I’ll try to install it to an SD card, but it disappointing that it’s such a monster, and it won’t install into my 9+ MB free “storage” space, but only wants to go into “phone” memory…