PalmOne Announces Treo 650 Ahead of Schedule

PalmOne Releases ‘Smarter’ Treo 650

The date that has been flying around for the official announcement of the palmOne Treo 650 was October 25, but it looks like palmOne either jumped the gun or the announcement unintentionally leaked a week early, because InternetNews has an interview with Greg Shirai, director of product marketing for palmOne, which basically announces the Treo 650.

It’s an interesting read – go check it out. Nothing we didn’t really know before – CDMA and GSM versions (with EDGE support!), new Tungsten T5 connector (so old accessories won’t work – what happened to the “Universal” connector?), Bluetooth, high res screen, removable battery, and a “better” camera. Most interesting:

Shirai said that carriers should announce the availability of the 650 in the next few weeks, with the product actually available before the holiday shopping season.

Looks like I might be able to get my hands on one before the holidays. Whee!