palmOne Tungsten T5 Launches, Previewed

infoSync World : Preview: palmOne Tungsten T5

Amid much speculation and a flurry of rumors, palmOne today announced their latest handheld – the Tungsten T5:

It’s pretty much what we thought it would be – 416 MHz processor, 320×480 screen, Bluetooth but no WiFi. All in all, it’s kind of ho hum. The only real distinguishing feature is the large amount of flash memory – 55 MB of RAM for installing and running programs, and a 160 MB flash drive that can be mounted by a PC as a removeable drive via USB cable. It should be available on November 3 for $399.

InfoSync World has got the first hands on preview of the T5 that I’ve seen – go check it out.

Other than ton-o’-RAM, it’s pretty similar to the Tungsten T3. It’s a little bit smaller, and lacks the innovative slider function of the T3. My friend Brian picked up a T3 to replace his iPAQ 2215, and he came and showed it to me today. The high res screen is awesome, and the slider is great. I don’t understand why WiFi isn’t included, but if it were, this would be one killer device. We were talking about why he might upgrade from the T3 to the T5 – the price is the same, and you can add a cheap SD card to negate the advantange of the internal flash drive on the T5. The T5 is smaller than an extended T3, but larger than its compact mode. Decisions, decisions. Go check out Brian’s blog for updates on his experience with the T3, and to see whether he decides to go for the T5.