Phone Decision 2004

Those who know me know that I can’t go for more than a year or so before I get the itch to switch to a new cell phone/mobile device. With all the great new devices becoming available (Audiovox SMT5600, Treo 650, Blackberry 7100t, etc.), the urge to switch finally became unbearable. Over the weekend, I replaced my Motorola MPX200 Smartphone with another device.

Which one?

I’m not going to reveal that right away, because I want to post a few thoughts on my decision making process. I think it’s a revealing comparative look at the new crop of devices, and what needs they’re best suited to fill. So look for my thoughts on why I switched, and what I switched to, in the immediate future.

For those that might be dying to know what device I chose, you can find out by adding me to your MSN Messenger (jabancroft AT hotmail DOT com). 😉 The rest of you will have to stay in suspense just a little while longer.