Photos of the iPAQ 2000 Series

Engadget – Pics of HP’s unreleased iPAQ hx2000 Pocket PC

Engadget reader “Typhoon” has scored some pics of what’s supposed to be HP’s iPAQ 2000 series of Pocket PC:

You can also see the Bluetooth headphones that are forthcoming, too. No hard details on the specs of the 2000 series, but there is some speculation. Pretty standard fare.

Besides the fact that it’s kind of, well, ugly, you can see that the 2000 series revives the biometric fingerprint scanner from the 5000 series. Other than that, it doesn’t look like there’s much to set it apart.

Go hit Engadget and check out the rest of the photos, including some of the 2000 series with a snap on keyboard, a la the iPAQ 6315 Pocket PC Phone Edition.