Recharging HQ: Cut Down Cord Clutter

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If you’re anything like me, you take a ton of recharger adapters and their cords with you whenever you travel. For me, it’s my iPAQ power brick and cord, MPX200 charger/cord, and iPod charger and USB/Firewire cable. It’s gotten to the point that I actually bring a power strip with me whenever I go anywhere, so I know I’ll have enough outlets to charge everything.

Enter the Recharging HQ:

An internal power strip under the lid lets you plug in up to three recharging bricks, and store excess cord length inside. The arms on top look like they adjust to hold whatever device you need to hold. You can order it for $24.95 at the link above.

This would be perfect for my bedstand, and easy to just pack up and take anywhere for travel. No more power strip + tangle of multiple chargers and cords. Geek bliss!