Scoble Got an Audiovox SMT5600, and He’s Fondling It

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Robert Scoble, Microsoft Geek Blogger Extraordinaire, got his Audiovox SMT5600, and he can’t stop fondling and caressing it. I can’t say I blame him – I had the same reaction when I first got to hold this sweet new Smartphone (one that belonged to a coworker):

Do you remember when you got your first iPod? Did you fondle it? Come on, be honest, you did, didn’t you? It’s sensual.

I’ve held one, several times. I couldn’t put it down.

I visited the Apple stores and felt like I was cheating. It talks to me. Oh, wait, that’s just a podcast.

I’m digressing. My Audiovox phone just arrived. I have the same emotion. It’s seductive. It talks to me. And, it plays videos. MP3s. Photos.

Audiovox, you got me. This phone simply rocks.

Dylan Greene and Cheryl Wester (over at got theirs, too, and they have had similar reactions.

I’m so jealous! I’m still waiting for a safe way to unlock this phone so I can use it on T-Mobile with cheap T-Zones GPRS ($4.99 unlimited). I use data far more than voice on my MPX200, so cheap GPRS is a big factor for me. Even though it’s not $80/month for unlimited GPRS from AT&T Wireless anymore (they dropped the price to $25/month, as long as you don’t use the phone as a modem to connect any other device), it’s still more expensive than T-Mobile. Plus, I’d rather not deal with the customer service nightmare that is AT&T Wireless.

I can’t wait until gets a way to unleash this bad boy so I can use it!

Scoble, where did you get a 1GB MiniSD card? I was under the impression that 512 MB was the max size currently available (and there was even some speculation that the SMT5600 only supports up to 256 MB, because that’s what the documentation says). Let us know where we can get a hold of a 1GB card. Share!


4 thoughts on “Scoble Got an Audiovox SMT5600, and He’s Fondling It

  1. Is that you, Robert? 😉

    I just searched,, and, and didn’t find any MiniSD cards larger than 512MB.

    There was one listing on that claimed to be a 1GB “MiniSD” card, but looking at the product image, it’s obviously an SD card that has been mislabeled.

    Still looking for news of a 1GB MiniSD card. Let me know if you find one, and I’ll post it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dopod 565 is the same OEM product in Asia (Taiwan, China etc) which is unlocked by default. You can get it around US$400. I am thinking to get SMT5600, but it seems locked to ATT, which I prefer to use it over Tmobile network.

  3. Yeah, there are lots of unlocked versions of the C500/Typhoon available for purchase, but there are a couple of reasons I don’t go for one. First is the cost – I have a TAP replacement plan at CompUSA on my MPX200 that I plan to use to get the Audiovox (or whatever). Much less expensive than $400. Plus, I’d like to get Windows Media Player 10, which is only available in the Audiovox.

    But thanks for pointing out the other options for unlocked versions of the phone.

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