Signs Point to Imminent Launch for the MPX220

MobileTracker: Motorola MPx220 launch near

There are lots of signs pointing to an imminent release of the much-awaited Motorola MPX220. AT&T Wireless now has images of the MPX220 on their web servers, but no page yet. They even show a different color than the previous silver and black colors we’ve seen. MobileTracker says AT&T usually launches new phones on a Monday, so I’m thinking the 18th of October, which jives with the date we’ve been hearing for Cingular, too.

There are also rumors that Best Buy has the phones in stock already, in the Cingular guise, and that employees are being trained on them prior to launch.

No solid word on price yet, but MT is speculating that it will fall between $300 and $400, which sounds about right.

Anyone work at a Best Buy or AT&T store, and have some juicy info to share? Send it in!