Site Updates and Enhancements

I’ve made a couple of updates to the site: post titles are now links to the permanent post page, I cleaned up the blogroll section to reflect only gadget-related sites (go to for my general blog, with more links in the blogroll), and I’ve implemented expandible posts, which means that you click on the “Read Full Post” link below to get the full text of a post. I also added the “Featured Articles” section in the sidebar, with permanent links to make featured content easier to find.

Read the rest of this post for more detail on why I made these changes, and feel free to email me and/or leave a comment with your feedback. I always love to read your suggestions.

I made the post title a link to the permanent full post page (just like the “permalink”) because I think it’s more intuitive that way, and putting the post title in the link helps make search engine indexing more accurate.

I cleaned up the blogroll section because I currently subscribe to over 325 feeds total in Bloglines, and listing them all out in the sidebar was getting a little out of control. This way, it’s less messy, and more targeted to the topic of this site.

I implemented expandible posts because I tend to get a little long winded in my posts, and long posts were pushing other stuff off of the front page too fast. This way, I can be as long winded as I like, but still keep relevant items on the front page. This won’t affect my Atom/RSS feed – I’m still providing full text there (which you already know if you’re reading this in an aggreagator).

I also added a “Featured Articles” section in the sidebar, for permanent links to feature-type posts and reviews that I write, because I got tired of digging through the archives or searching the site to find them once they dropped off the front page. I figured, if I got tired of looking for them, it was probably too much work for most of you to even bother with. Now, it should be easier for all of us.

Let me know what you think of the changes – I always love to hear your feedback. Just send email or leave a comment.


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