Skype to add VoIP for Smartphones

Skype adding video to their voice service and Skype for SmartPhones – Engadget –

Engadget is reporting that Skype is going to be cranking up the development of new technologies and platforms to add to their popular Voice over IP client. Specifically, that they’ll be adding video capabilities to Skype on the desktop, and developing Skype for mobile devices like Smartphones.

It seems to me that limited bandwidth (GPRS, etc.) is going to be the biggest hurdle to overcome for getting VoIP on mobile devices to work, but Skype has proven themselves pretty adept and getting VoIP to work for the common man, so by all means, let’s see what they can do in the Smartphone arena.

I, for one, can’t wait. I dream of the day when I can pay for unlimited wireless data access for my mobile device (Smartphone or whatever), and not worry about “voice minutes”. Why not just do everything over the same connection?