The iPod Photo

The iPod Photo – Engadget –

The much-rumored iPod Photo had made its official appearnce today. As we speak, in fact, information is leaking out, as the Apple store is updated. The new unit will come in two versions – 40GB for $499, and 60GB for $599. Battery life is improved 25% over the 4G iPod to 15 hours.

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UPDATE: The Apple site as been updated – The iPod Photo

Some tidbits I noticed:

  • Sync photos using the new iTunes 4.7 on a PC or Mac (will import albums from iPhoto, Adobe Album 2.0, or Adobe Elements 3.0
  • Album art from iTMS is displayed while song is playing
  • Comes with an A/V cable to display photos on a TV (4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Both 40GB and 60GB models come with the “iPod Photo Dock”

Here are some screenshots/images: