Get your Gmail via POP!

Gizmodo : Gmail Enables POP (For Some)

Google has turned on POP access to Gmail accounts:

They’re rolling it out in phases, so it’s not available on all accounts. They also require SSL/TLS encryption for all connections, and use non-standard POP and SMTP port numbers.

Go here for all the details, including “What about IMAP?” (short answer: coming soon) and details for configuring just about any mail client out there (Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc.).

What does this have to do with mobile devices? It means that you can now send and receive Gmail on your Smartphone, Treo, or Pocket PC Phone Edition. Just configure your mail client to access with the proper encryption settings and port numbers, and you’re set.

I’ll try this out on a few devices, and let you know how it goes.


6 thoughts on “Get your Gmail via POP!

  1. Hey there, I can’t beleive I didn’t make the connection between my GMail being accessible through POP and being able to check my GMail from my iPaq.. d’oh!

    Anyway, though, I immeditely tried configuring the PocketOutlook that comes built into Windows Mobile 2003 to access it and had no luck.. I have a feeling it has to do with the fact that there’s nowhere to put those odd port numbers when configuring the account in PO.

    Guess I’ll have to snag myself a third party email client, or do you have any tips for getting the built-in PO client to access them?

  2. When on “E-mail Setup (4/4)” in “Incoming mail:” enter
    “” and in “Outgoing mail:” enter “”. You will also need to tap “options” instead of finish and go to “Options (2/3) and check “Require SSL connection” and “Outgoing mail requires authentication” and “Use Separate Settings.” Then tap “Outgoing settings” and fill that in as before (full email address as user name), and be sure to check “Require SSL for outgoing mail”

  3. Anonymous says:

    hey there. thanks for all the help but im still having some problems.

    I have set up gmail on my audiovox under personal mail and it seems to be alsmost working. first of all.. i cannot send mail at all (i have tried 565 and 587). For some reason it will not send.

    Also, every time i send and reveive it downloads all 195 or so emails i have in my inbox. Even if i have just done a send/receive it will still download 195 emails. And better yet, once they are downloaded, i can only see 10 of the emails…. where have the others gone??

    Thanks so much for your help and if you know the answer to my questions i would greatly appreciate a response!

  4. Think the problem is that the :565 or :anything does not work with Pocket Outlook – just seems to ignore it.

    I don’t use Gmail – I use AuthSMTP – – and putting :port is ignored with SSL on or off as well – it always tried to use port 25 (which some ISP’s block).

    Fortunately my ISP allows port 25 but it’s a shame Pocket Outlook seems to be missing this important feature.

  5. nskiredj says:

    Ok. It all works fine for me . i’ve tried it. For the outgoing, it’s definitely 587
    Gmail provides this port too, beside the 465.
    For the probblem you have (anonymous), pocket outlook canot retrieve Archived messages, so you know what to do :p

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