New Windows Mobile Smartphone – Samsung i640/i645

Smartphone Thoughts – The i640: Samsung’s Follow-Up to The i600

If you’re on Verizon Wireless, you’ve heretofore only had once choice if you wanted a Windows Mobile Smartphone – the Samsung i600. It offered all the basics of a Smartphone, and a nice clamshell design, but wasn’t really anything to write home about.

The guys over at SmartphoneThoughts have uncovered Samsung’s follow up to i600 – the Samsung i640 and i645:

Read on for the details as we know them so far…

Besides the attractive design, the new phone sports Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphones Second Edition, a color external LCD, camera (i645 only), and a more rounded, organic design than the angular i600. According to the manual, it also has an SDIO-capable SD slot (a first in a Smartphone).

No word on pricing or availability, except that it will obviously be made available on Verizon. This is preliminary information thanks to the bane of all product secrets, the FCC, so things are subject to change, but so far, it looks like a nice follow up to the i600. Good for Samsung for making two models (one with camera, one without), and for implementing SDIO. WiFi VoIP on a Smartphone, anyone?


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  2. I love HowStuffWorks! And I’d love for you to use that image. Except that it belongs to Mike Temporale at (original link =,6733). You’d have to ask them for permission. However, that particular image is almost three years old, and that particular phone never came out, so it wouldn’t really be recognizeable to your audience.

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