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Read on for more info on podcasting, and how to get plugged in to start listening.

Podcasting has been exploding in popularity in the last few weeks – you subscribe to an RSS feed in a special “podcatching” application, like iPodder or Doppler, which automatically downloads new audio content as it becomes available, and drops it into iTunes or Windows Media Player for automatic syncing to your iPod, Pocket PC, Smartphone, or other MP3 player of choice.

Check out for a directory of podcasts by category, and for a list of the most recently updated podcasts (TinyPodCast pings there when it’s published).

If you only subscribe to one podcast, make it TinyPodCast. If you subscribe to two, make the second Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code (yes, that Adam Curry, from MTV). He’s one of the major driving forces behing podcasting, and his Daily Source Code podcast is one of the most interesting and entertaining out there. (Warning: occasionally contains language and/or content that some might find objectionable)