TinyPodCast Got Noticed and Played in MobileGadgetNews’ Podcast #2!

MGN Podcast #2

I’ve been sick for the last week or so, which explains the dearth of posting here. It also explains the large backlog of podcasts that I’ve accumulated, waiting for me to listen to them. I’m back to work today, and that meant firing up the iPod to listen to some podcasts during my commute on the train.

I was listening to Sean Murphy’s MobileGadgetNews Podcast #2 from Nov. 5, and I almost peed my pants when I heard him mention TinyPodCast and! He even played a clip from the first TinyPodCast. I was shocked and slightly embarassed at hearing my own voice on someone else’s podcast, but it definitely made my day!

Sean, I’m flattered and honored that you mentioned me. I’ve got big plans in store for TinyPodCast, and some other ancillary projects that I think the podcasting community is going to love.

Stay tuned…


One thought on “TinyPodCast Got Noticed and Played in MobileGadgetNews’ Podcast #2!

  1. COOL! Does this mean that you are famous? Who is this guy? Can he get you a higher paying job? You are worth more than you’re getting! How do I get this pod-cast stuff? How can I listen to yours? Later, REbecca

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