Users Hack Bluetooth Modem Capability Into Treo 650 Already – Dial Up Networking For Sprint – HACKED!

Sprint caught a lot of flak for disabling the Bluetooth Dial Up Modem functionality of the fancy new Treo 650, preventing people from using it as a Bluetooth modem to connect a PDA or laptop to the internet wirelessly. Even though they later recanted, and said they would provide said functionality at some point in the future, the intrepid users over at have beat them to the punch.

Find out how after the jump.

Originally posted by shadowmite:
Here it is, after hours of tracing code, it was a trival two byte patch… Here is the file, overwrite the existing one…

All you have to do is replace the BTManager app with this patched one, and it should “unhide” the Dial Up Networking functionality.

It hasn’t even been a week since the Treo 650 became available. It will be interesting to see what Sprint’s reaction to this is. Since they have stated that they’ll renable this functionality, they can’t exactly get mad at the community (although I don’t doubt that they’ll get mad anyway).

Kudos to shadowmite for a great hack!