Windows Mobile Treo On The Way?

PalmSource takes hit on investment report | CNET

This was the most interesting story I read this morning. It seems that people in the know are almost certain that palmOne, the makers of the very popular Treo 600 and 650 PDA phones, could be working on a version of the device that runs Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system (my guess is Pocket PC Phone Edition).

Could this really happen? I think so. It would be a brilliant move on palmOne’s part, opening up a huge market of business that are biased towards Windows Mobile based on existing support infrastructure.

Imagine – dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria! More wanton speculation after the jump.

Nothing has been confirmed, but investment bank Needham & Co issued a report in which they state “We know that an announcement is virtually certain.” PalmOne isn’t exactly denying the rumor, but they’re not confirming it, either. They maintain that they are platform agnostic. Microsoft, as usual, refuses to comment on anything that they consider to be rumor or speculation.

Would you buy a Treo 650 that ran Windows Mobile? I would. I’d love it. I’m heavily invested in Windows Mobile software, from my XDA days. The PalmOS Treo 650 is a candidate in Phone Decision 2004 because of it’s great form factor and nice featureset, even though PalmOS isn’t my first choice. A Windows Mobile version of the Treo would upset the playing field considerably.

Many people have been looking forward to (and drooling over) the BenQ P50 Pocket PC Phone Edition device, because of its similarity to the Treo’s slim design:

Looks like BenQ (not to mention HP, HTC, and other Pocket PC Phone Edition manufacturers) might have some competition on their hands.