Dave’sIPAQ Reviews iTECH Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

iTECH Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard — A Real Taste of Virtual Reality!! @ Dave’s iPAQ

Dave Ciccone sent word of the first review I’ve seen of the iTECH Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard (you know, the one that projects a hologram of a keyboard with a red laser onto any flat surface, and lets you enter text by “typing” on it?):

The reviewer is fairly positive about the device, and was quite happy with its performance. Accuracy was surprisingly good.

I think this is a breakthrough device, and a necessary one. Someone has to be the first to release a new product like this, and spur the refinement of the category. The price of $225 is a bit steep, for me, but understandable given that this a first-of-its-kind device.

Go check out the 6 page review, and see what you think.