Dell Axim X50 ROM Update Available

Dell Axim X50V A02 ROM Update

Brian pointed this out to me, and I’m downloading now to give it a try.

Here’s what the site lists for what’s fixed/changed:

Fixes and Enhancements
1. Improved SD and CF read performance.
2. Updated wireless button usage scenario to avoid enabling / disabling wireless accidentally.
3. Allow the WLAN auto power-off feature to be enabled and/or disabled in the WLAN utility.
4. Added feature in the power applet to change the color of the battery power bar to reflect the battery capacity.
5. Associated the .dbk files with the Data Backup program.
6. Improved GAPI performance.
7. Improved touch panel performance and sensitivity.
8. Enhanced the video driver to be more robust.

I’ll post again once I’ve done the update, and let you know how it goes…

Update: The ROM upgrade went without a hitch. Nice that they let you back up your existing ROM before the upgrade. No major visible differences except for the way the Wireless Power button works. Now, rather than immediately acting, you’re prompted to press the button again within 5 seconds to proceed with enabling/disabling wireless. This is nice, because I am constantly turning on wireless when I don’t want to, because I inadvertently hit the button when I’m trying to open the Rhinoskin aluminum case.

So far so good! If you’ve got an X50, I’d say go get the update (there are different versions for the VGA and QVGA models.