More MPX220 Woes – Dead Mic

Smartphone Thoughts – MPx220: It Never Ends

Just when you thought Motorola had addressed all of the issues on its poor MPX220 Smartphone, another one crops up. They’ve recalled the phones and pulled unsold stock from shelves to apply a ROM update to fix the call volume issue, but now it appears that there’s another ROM issue where the mic goes dead:

Here are the two situations, both of which I have experienced with my 1.3 ROM MPx220. A call comes in, you answer it, hear the caller perfectly and the caller can’t hear you at all. The other, you place a call, the person answers, you hear them perfectly and they don’t hear you at all. In both cases once this has happened no matter what you do, unmute button etc. the mic is dead until you restart the phone.

Wow. I’d hate to be the QA Manager at Motorola that has to explain/defend all of the issues on what should have been a knockout handset. We were all so excited for the MPX220, and it has had so many disappointing and aggravating issues!