O2 to offer Blackberry 7100x in the UK

Engadget – O2’s BlackBerry 7100x

Britain’s O2 is the latest wireless carrier to announce that they are going to offer their own version of RIM’s sleek “Charm” handset. The O2 version will be christened the 7100x:

It joins T-Mobile (7100t), Rogers (7100r), Vodafone (7100v), and Cingular (7100g) in offerning the popular and powerful communication device. One wonders why they didn’t call it the 7100o. Oh, wait. After writing that, I don’t wonder anymore. But I’d still like to know why the Cingular version isn’t the 7100c.

I really like the theme shown in the shot above. It’s a more colorful version of the default theme that I’m using on my 7100t (the T-Mobile theme is horrid). I’m sure it won’t be long until the O2 theme becomes available for other Charm users to install, thanks to the guys over at BlackBerryForums.


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