TinyPodcast 2005-01-11

Here’s this week’s podcast – about 40 minutes, 17MB. Click here to download the MP3.

We had a lot of stuff we wanted to talk about this week, but it all got eclipsed by the announcements at MacWorld this morning. So we talk about the newly announced Mac mini, iPod Shuffle, and other tidbits from Steve Jobs and company in Cupertino.

I’ll post up some more detailed show notes once I give it a listen through, but Here are the show notes – you can find most of the stuff we talk about at Apple’s website.

  • New Apple Products Announced at MacWorld SanFrancisco
  • Mac mini – BYODKM (Bring Your Own Display, Keyboard, and Mouse)
  • iWork ’05 – Keynote 2 (presentations) + Pages (word processor)
  • iPod Shuffle – suddenly shuffle-only play is a must-have feature
  • iPod Linux “Podzilla” – record straight into your iPod
  • Josh is a Scoble Stalker
  • Shout out – The Delta Park Project – fellow Northwest podcast. Go check it out!
  • SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:, by and for the podcasting community. News, Reviews, How-Tos, and community forums. Check it out, and help us build it as a resource for the podcasting community!
  • Yahoo Launches Desktop Search Beta

Enjoy, and let’s have some feedback! Email us (jabancroft AT gmail DOT com or bljarv AT gmail DOT com), or leave a voice message at 206-222-2479.


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