Windows Mobile 2005 to be Revealed at CES This Week?

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Update: I received a “Demand for Immediate Take-Down: Notice of Infringing Activity” email and phone call this morning from Microsoft, regarding the WM2005 screenshots I published here. In order to comply, I have removed the screenshots.

I have more thoughts on this matter, that I’ll post soon, and link to here later. I’m not upset – but there are lots of interesting things surrounding this topic that I want to talk about.

Neowin is reporting that Microsoft will reveal parts of the next version of Windows Mobile for Pocket PCs and Smartphones, codenamed “Magneto”, at CES this week:


There are supposed to be some pretty major improvements, including a major UI revamp (can you spot the differences in the screenshot above?), as well as updates for Pocket Excel and Pocket Word. Check out the Neowin story for more details.

Of course, with CES this week, I’m sure we’ll be awash in all kinds of gadgety geeky goodness before long. I’ll try my best to keep up with what I think is the best and brightest – there’s no way I’ll be able to cover everything. But that’s what the other gadget sites are for. 🙂

EDIT: Apparently, Microsoft has asked Neowin to take the article and screenshot down. You can still find them in various places. I don’t have any official relationship with Microsoft (i.e. governed by NDA), but if they contact me and ask me to remove these screenshots, I will.

Speaking of screenshots, here’s one of the Smartphone version of Windows Mobile 2005: