X-Gadget’s Take on BillG’s CES Keynote

CES pre-show keynote speech with Bill Gates

Lynnsie Nguyen over at X-Gadget has posted her take on Bill Gates’ pre-CES keynote address, including some amusing bits about waiting in the wrong line.

I got in line at 2:30pm and thought that I was doing great since I was just before the first bend in the line. I was talking with all the people around me and having a great time, when we started comparing our badges. One guy was a buyer for a police department in California. Another one was an engineer. When it got to my turn, I told them I was here with the press to cover the event. They gave me a strange look and told me that I was standing in the wrong line. All of a sudden, I was kicked out of the good old boys club.

The folks over at X-Gadget are good friends of, so go check out their take. Vincent Nguyen has promised lots more CES coverage – he’s got gigs of photos and video to post, once he gets it all sorted out.

Oh, and Lynnsie, you never really mentioned what the first line you waited in was – don’t keep us in suspense!