Allow me to introduce myself…

I just thought I would take a quick second and introduce myself here on…

My name is Brian Jarvis and I have been Josh’s geek shadow for a couple of years now. We work together and share a lot of interest in the world of gadgets with tiny screens. I have been doing the podcast with him for a while now, but have never posted to the site. Well, we’re changing that and I’ll be trying to add content here on a somewhat recurring basis.

Feel free to drop by my personal blog to read a little more about my interests or leave a comment here.

Thanks everybody!


2 thoughts on “Allow me to introduce myself…

  1. Brian, Rebecca Cuthbertson here, Josh keeps telling me of this great friend he has and little does he know, you were our friends first. Just kidding. I barely knew you and knew your wife much better. Tell Robin hello from me. She was the best Nursery Leader that Tigard 1st has ever had. Have fun posting to Josh’s site and I’ll be checking it out ever-so-often. Take care of those babies too! Reb

  2. Marie Maxwell says:

    I am having trouble with the color accent mode when accenting “reds”. For some reason it is putting a grey shade over top of the reds.. Can you help me with this. When I accent a yellow flower it shoots perfect but anything in the red/fuscia family is having the grey effect splotched over top of it. Please give me some advice.

    Marie Maxwell

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