Lo Szabo’s BlackBerry 7100v Review

Rohdesign Weblog: Lo Szabo’s BlackBerry 7100v Review

TinyScreenfuls pal Lo Szabo has posted a great, thorough review of his Blackberry 7100v over at Mike Rohde’s site:

“Both my palmOne Zire72 and BlackBerry 7100 are perfect buddies, as each one has its own designated tasks. I don’t miss an eBook reader on BlackBerry the same way I don’t miss a keyboard on my Zire. I recommend you check out the device at your phone-carrier store and compare it to other smart-phones like the Treo 6×0 or Motorola MPx220. You might be as pleasantly surprised as I was.”

Go check out the rest of his review. I, too, am a multi-device kind of guy – I use my Blackberry/smartphone for communication (email, voice, IM, web), and my Axim x50v VGA Pocket PC, with its gorgeous screen and large storage capacity, for reading and media (ebooks, web via WiFi, etc).

Thanks for the mention in your review, Lo! 🙂