Mozilla Minimo – Coming Soon to Windows Mobile

Mini-Mozilla mets Pocket PC

The Minimo Project is underway to port the Mozilla/Firefox browser to small devices (“Mini Mozilla”, get it?). They already have a version that works on Linux on the iPAQ 5500 and 3600/3700/3800 models that are running Linux. Now, we get word that a Windows Mobile port is in the works:

“While much of the work is focused on Linux-based devices, Doug Turner, one of the Minimo project leaders, recently announced that he is working on a port to Windows CE. Turner also issued a general call to Windows CE developers to help out in this effort.”

Sweet! I can’t wait to check out a Mozilla-based browser on the Pocket PC and Smartphone. I’m not a great developer, but if you are, head over to the Minimo Project, and see how you can help out.