Portland Podcasting Meetup 2005-02-24

Portland Podcasting Meetup 2005-02-24

Click the link above for some photos I snapped at the Portland Podcasting Meetup last night, at Noodlin at the Cedar Hills Crossing mall in Beaverton, OR.

We had a great time – it was really cool to meet the people behind the Portland area podcasts that I listen to all the time – Jason and Anna from Delta Park Project, Tim Germer from Northwest Noise, and Chuck and Adam from Chuck and Adam Do Everything. My wife Rachel, who does the podcast with me, and our daughter Emma were there, as well as Adam’s wife Marilyn (hope I spelled that right!) and Chris and Bryan, who are interested in podcasting (send me your email addresses and URLs, guys!).

I recorded the whole event on my Dell Axim x50v with my Griffin Lapel Mic – two hours of MP3 at 54 Kbps ended up just under 50MB. I’m working on editing down the file to a more workable size (as well as to get rid of the boring parts that you don’t want to hear), and I’ll post that up soon (hopefully this weekend).

If you’re in the Portland area, make sure to come to the next Podcasting Meetup! You can visit the site for the Portland Podcasting group to sign up for reminders of future events and gatherings, and generall get to know the Portland podcasting community.

Many thanks to Tim Germer for pulling this all together, and everyone who made the effort to come! I can’t wait to get together with all of you next month!