Test Driving the Audiovox SMT5600

The other day, Josh bartered an Audiovox SMT5600 from a common friend of ours and after finding that he couldn’t leave his blackberry behind, decided to loan it to me for a while to test drive. I am going to post my personal review of the phone on this page, but have decided not to do so in a one-time post. I think the review would get too long for this format, so I have decided to write a series of posts about my impressions. (For reference sake, I am coming to this device most recently from a Nokia 3650)

So after three days of use, here are my initial thoughts on the phone…

Things I like:
• Initial setup and ActiveSync was really easy
• Provides more contact data than any phone I have ever seen
• Pocket IE beats my WAP browser on 3650 hands down!
• Camera is better than 3650
• Phone is not just a black box (I will explain this one more later)
• It’s nice that it charges over USB
• Lots of customization!
• Constant connectivity is nice (easier to achieve than with other devices I’ve used)
• Automatic profile selection (chooses meeting profile during appointments)

Things I am not crazy about:
• Battery life stinks (more like a PDA than a phone)
• Data input is miserable
• Reception doesn’t seem as good as my 3650
• I have had to reboot it several times
• The rocker “directional pad” is difficult to use

The general impression is favorable, but I am starting to wonder if a smart phone is for me or not. I will talk about this as well as breaking out many of the items listed above in future posts, so stay tuned…


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  1. Hey Brian, I’m looking forward to hearing more about the phone on tinypodcast. (Without ever touching the phone) I feel like I need this phone.

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