TinyPodcast 2005-02-15

Here’s this week’s show. Yet another audio setup – this time piping the mic input through WinAMP’s line in plugin, which gives us much better ability to play music, clips, and control levels. Just over 40 minutes, 18 MB. You can download the MP3 file directly, or subscribe to the TinyPodcast feed in your favorite podcast aggregator.

Read on for this week’s show notes.

  • Intro music courtesy of MC Frontalot – Nerdcore Hiphop Could Reign Supreme!
  • Brian’s PDA Update – switched from his Palm T3 to a Dell x50v Pocket PC
  • Brian’s SMT5600 Update. Pick one up from Amazon for $49 after activation (affiliate link).
  • Hackaday, MakeZine, and pt – we miss the Engadget podcast! Until it comes back, TinyPodcast is proud to carry on the geeky mobile technology podcast banner!
  • Listener feedback from Doug in Philadelphia. Keyring – PalmOS password keeper. We chat about the HP hw6500 Mobile Messenger – check out the new photos, comparing it to the Audiovox SMT5600. Will have a WiFi version, with no SD slot (BOO to HP for not dumping the mini-SD slot instead!). Will it run Windows Mobile 2005 (codename: Magneto)? Given that there are no soft keys, it will probably run Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.
  • One Handed Use (sounds dirty, but it’s not) – how different platforms do it, how useful is it?
  • Microsoft and Flextronics team up to offer “Peabody” low-cost Windows Mobile Smartphone to carriers. Great move to get Windows Mobile Smartphones into more people’s hands.
  • Pete from RasterWeb (check out the RasterWeb Audio podcast!) asks about the T-Mobile Sidekick II (affiliate link). We offer our thoughts, and try to find Pete some T-Mobile users in his zip code that can tell him what their coverage is like.
  • Combine BitTorrent, RSS, and your Windows Mobile device to automatically download the HDTV-quality timeshifted TV shows you want, and take them with you! Follow the Engadget how-to to set it up on your PC – great step by step instructions. HDTV TV shows on the VGA screen of the Dell x50v are UNBELIEVEABLE! Who needs a Portable Media Center? 😉 Oh, and yes, I still have rabbit ears on my TV at home…

As always, we love to get listener feedback! Email Josh, Brian, or Paul, or call and leave audio feedback at 206-222-2479.

Next week – using podcasting to promote musicians and bands, and the latest mobile technology, devices, geeky toys and technology!


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